Thomas Koenen - Founder

For the past 37 years, the digital technology and software industry have been my home. I was lucky to be able to combine my passion for sales, marketing and people management in the various roles where I introduced well-known US software companies to the German-speaking and European markets. As a manager, coach and team lead I’ve always done my best to be an open and committed partner for my colleagues, customers and business associates all across the globe.

As early as the mid-90s I also actively wanted to give back to society as part of my personal business regimen. At that time, I was the managing director for a US software company with a genuinely rewarding, but also exhausting work schedule. I still remember vividly the moment between appointment A and appointment B one day where I felt that there had to be more to success than just making money. I wanted to create something of value to society, while at the same time achieving economic success. So I started motivating myself, my employees and colleagues to strive for something greater. To do something together, to “create” something more than just economic value– and to accept business success as one measure of success, but not the ultimate one. That’s where my personal journey into social responsibility started and from where a genuine passion that lasts to this day sprung which guides all of my professional and private activities to this day.

In recent years, I have doubled down on my commitment to marry economic success with societal impact and have been able to plan, organize and successfully run a wide range of CSR projects and charity events on the side of my normal day job.

The founding of a bet on myself and my extended network of freelancers, partners, influencers, colleagues and friends to help do good in our world and I hope you’ll join me along the ride.

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